Wild Rose Strong and Free

The name of this blog is “Wild Rose Strong and Free” which I realise may seem a bit strange, so I thought I would take a moment to explain what it means.

Alberta, the province in Canada I am originally from, is known as “wild rose country.”  For my entire life, the wild rose (always depicted as red) has been very symbolic and important to me.  It is the embodiment of natural, free, and wild beauty; essentially, the “spirit” I have always been proud to possess.  A strong sense of independence, and fighting for what I truly believe in, has always been a part of me.  This one flower represents all of this, to me.

“Strong and free” is not only a continuation of the independent spirit, but also the motto of Alberta – fortis et liber.  On a personal level, it is how I want to exist in the world.  On a global scale, it is how I want the world to exist.

To put it all together, “Wild Rose Strong and Free” is a name that not only symbolises my presence but also stands for that free, fighting spirit.  It is very personal to me, and more than anything, it celebrates the spirits of independence and freedom.