Super Human

A friend of mine is going through a bad breakup - by which I mean getting out of a domestic abusive relationship.  When she finally confided in me what was going on, I told her to go to the police.  I kept asking her what was going on, but never pressured her to talk.   All I wanted were updates.  She eventually left him and spent some time in the hospital and with her family a few hours away.

When she asked if she could stay on couch, I immediately told her of course she could.   When she asked if she could sleep in my basement for a week I told her she would be staying on the couch.  I thought I had an air mattress; turns out I do not. I tried to make the couch more comfortable, but it really is not nice.  I do feel badly about it.

She has been worried about my safety from the beginning of her leaving because I have always helped in the past when someone needed food or a place to stay.  Apparently I am the clear choice for help.

I'm flattered, truly.  My friend keeps thanking me.  I accept it, but do not fully understand.  She needs help.  I can help.  Why would I not?  To me, this is just basic human behaviour.  If I can, I will.  I also like to think that if I ever need help, someone will help me without expecting something in return.  Therefore, why would I not?

She said to me that the human reaction is to offer condolences but turn a blind eye to suffering.  She said that my willingness to help makes me super human.

But I'm not super human.  I pass people asking for money all the time when I'm driving.  I'd rather sit on my couch than go to a food pantry and help people.  I've never taken in a homeless person, even in the dead of winter.  There is so much I have not done, that I not do, but should do.  In the end, I am just a human - an ordinary, selfish human.

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