Taking the Bus

People give me sympathetic looks or respond with shock when I tell them I take the bus to work every day.  It doesn't bother me that they are silently judging me (okay, maybe a little), but I do wish they would see the advantages.

I wish I could say that I take the bus because I'm trying to be a better global citizen and want to reduce my carbon footprint, but that simply isn't true.  Yes, of course I do want to help the earth and all the people, but the primary reason I take the bus is because of convenience.  To be honest, driving and parking in a city is a huge, expensive hassle.  Second, I walk about the same distance as if I was to use the carpark.  Third, it's a hell of a lot cheaper.  And yes, I like knowing that I'm doing my part to help the world.  I'd like to think I'm an environmentalist ... but my actions don't always reflect my beliefs.

So what I would like to see is people not thinking that taking the bus is a symbol of a lower status.   I have a car - and a nice one at that - but I choose not to drive it every day.  This was a huge change for me but it's proven to be a good one.  I don't mind the commute, I have a lot less stress and anxiety to deal with, and I'm saving money as well as the planet.   How is there anything wrong with this?

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