Bra or No Bra?

I was reading about going braless and a lot of the information I find is a bit upsetting.  Yes, larger breasts mean there's more to deal with - and therefore more room for issues to arise.

But does that mean you shouldn't go braless?  Absolutely not!  I've found a few (very rare) that promote ALL women going braless.  I know it's tough when you have larger than average breasts to forgo the support of a bra, but some people just don't like wearing them.  Just because you may have more than others in the front should you always keep them encased, especially in the summer when it's hot?

I have come to the conclusion there are two reasons women with large busts do not go braless - one is the personal desire to wear a bra (breasts are a lot heavier than they look) and the other is because society simply isn't comfortable with it.  Well, I say screw society and do what you want.   Do or don't wear a bra, but do it because YOU feel comfortable that way.

I don't get offended easily, but readying a site that started off by saying "If you are larger than a D cup, the answer is NO," meaning NEVER go braless.  Sure, the writer wrote a half-assed "no offense" type of explanation go go with it, but seriously?  What is so gosh darn wrong with embracing my body as it is and doing what I feel most comfortable doing?  Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do?  What if I don't want to wear something that is tight and encasing and sometimes painful?

Taking the Bus

People give me sympathetic looks or respond with shock when I tell them I take the bus to work every day.  It doesn't bother me that they are silently judging me (okay, maybe a little), but I do wish they would see the advantages.

I wish I could say that I take the bus because I'm trying to be a better global citizen and want to reduce my carbon footprint, but that simply isn't true.  Yes, of course I do want to help the earth and all the people, but the primary reason I take the bus is because of convenience.  To be honest, driving and parking in a city is a huge, expensive hassle.  Second, I walk about the same distance as if I was to use the carpark.  Third, it's a hell of a lot cheaper.  And yes, I like knowing that I'm doing my part to help the world.  I'd like to think I'm an environmentalist ... but my actions don't always reflect my beliefs.

So what I would like to see is people not thinking that taking the bus is a symbol of a lower status.   I have a car - and a nice one at that - but I choose not to drive it every day.  This was a huge change for me but it's proven to be a good one.  I don't mind the commute, I have a lot less stress and anxiety to deal with, and I'm saving money as well as the planet.   How is there anything wrong with this?