Human Rights for ALL

Last week the CIA's torture report was released.  If you are reading my blog, I am sure you are familiar with it already.

In response, there are a lot of people who are expressing sentiments that can be summarised as "I don't care if they torture terrorists" or even "I encourage the torture of terrorists."  Some qualify this by adding the condition it be used to gather information relevant to thwarting terrorist attacks.  Some do not.

Regardless of what information is or is not gathered from "enhanced interrogation" sessions, I am opposed to these techniques.  I am not a terrorist supporter, nor do I condone what certain individuals have done around the world.  Nevertheless, I cannot and will not condone torture of any kind.

First of all, I strongly believe everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - should have more than just the basic human rights.  This applies to alleged terrorists (let me remind you that the majority - if not all - of the detainees in Guantanamo Bay have not yet been processed through the legal system) as well as known terrorists, and all individuals around the world.  To quote the Backstreet Boys, "I don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did ...," because you still are human and still deserve human rights.

Second, to deny these human rights to ANY human being is, in my opinion, an act of terrorism.  The individual being tortured may have killed hundreds of people in cold blood through torture, but they still deserve human rights.  It really is that simple.

Third, well, actually, I do not really have a third point.  To deny anyone human rights, to torture them, regardless of what they did or did not do, is to lower oneself to that level and to become a terrorist oneself.