Honour Killings

Honour killings happen around the world, not just in the Middle East.  They are far more prevalent amongst Muslim families, but this is all speculation.

The fact is crimes like this are hard to process - statistically and emotionally.  There is no doubt that the perpetrators intended to cause death; that much is clear.  But are they?  Why are they doing it?  We can only speculate.

There are few - if any - convictions following believed honour killings.  Even when suspects are known, investigations are not nearly as thorough as they would be for other crimes.

Today the BBC reported four men have been convicted and sentenced to death for an honour killing.  She allegedly married against their will - they accused the husband of abducting her - and was pregnant at the time of her murder.  Her husband was convicted of killing his previous wife six years ago.  In light of these facts, I do believe that the reason this case resulted in a conviction whereas the majority do not is because she was pregnant at the time.

BBC News - Four sentenced to death for Pakistan 'honour killing'

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