Father Bernard Kinvi

This man is a hero.  Father Bernard Kinvi is a Catholic priest in the CAR, where sectarian violence erupted last year and the Anti-Balaka have been massacring Muslims.  Father Kinvi has saved hundreds of Muslims, despite the risks.  When he would go out in search of bodies so he could give them a proper burial, the Anti-Balaka told him, "We have our jobs, Father and you have yours.  We kill them and you bury them."  He kept going.

International aid has not helped this issue.  Last year, the UN sent aid after the massacres had stopped (for a time). There have been certain individuals trying to raise awareness and save people since the beginning, but to say the response has been limited would be an understatement.

It is because of men like Father Kinvi that there are still Muslims from CAR who are still alive.

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