Human Trafficking

January is human trafficking awareness month.  Most people associate human trafficking with sex trafficking, and while sex trafficking is a form of human trafficking there is a lot of non-sex trafficking going on in the world as well.

Here is an example of sex trafficking abroad.  I would like to point out, though, that human - and sex - trafficking happens everywhere.
BBC News - UK paedophiles pay to watch webcam child sex abuse in Philippines:

Here is a youtube video on the topic.

And most importantly, here is a list of what to look for - signs of human trafficking.  If you see something, report it.

Victim Blaming

This came across my facebook feed this morning.  It is a wonderful parody of how our society blames victims for the crimes committed against them.  While it seems absurd for a crime like arson, it is very common with rape victims.

It is never okay to blame a rape victim for what happened.  Nothing anyone does excuses rape.  If someone is not capable of giving clear and enthusiastic consent, then it is rape.  No one asks for it.  No one deserves it.  No one should have to suffer it in the first place, and then again when trying to get help.  It is never the victim's fault.

Today I also happened to read a short article - which I have since lost, alas - about how lesbian women are being raped in order to "fix" them.  This is not a new concept, and is considered by many the best way to "convert" a homosexual individual.  This is not true, under any circumstances.

Just to be clear, I do not support or condone rape.  I do not support or condone arson.  I do not support or condone the comments in the image below.  I do not support or condone the culture of victim-blaming.

Restaurant owner with down syndrome runs the friendliest eatery ever.

This came to me via my facebook, from one of my friends back in Canada.  I love what Tim has done and hope to one day visit his restaurant.  His story is very inspiring and I think it is very important for everyone to see what people with disabilities can accomplish with love and support.

Also I love how he brings more happiness into the world, one hug at a time.

Restaurant owner with down syndrome runs the friendliest eatery ever.:

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