2013 in Review

When I was little my da used to subscribe to The Economist and The New York Times.  I remember learning what USSR stood for when I was seven because of The Economist.  Today, my da and I share a subscription - he likes the print copies and I like the digital - and I proudly hang the t-shirts in my closet.

Every December I look forward to The Economist's review of the year.  While I find them a bit slow with groundbreaking news, the articles they write are always well written and well thought out.  For an end of the year review, they are my favourite for this reason.  The Economist needs time to put together good articles, like old-fashioned journalism.  In the modern world with fast paced technology, this causes them to lag behind; but for an end of the year review, they truly excel.

And so I conclude all my rambling on with a link to The Economist.  I hope it works for everyone; I am doing this on my mobile while on holiday (my boyfriend is currently otherwise occupied).  Happy New year, everyone.  2013 was a year of many things, both good and bad.  May 2014 be epic in the best ways possible.

The Economist | The world this year http://www.economist.com/news/world-week/21591909-world-year?frsc=dg%7Cb via @theeconomist

Happy Holidays!

As you may or may not have noticed, I have been disturbingly absent from the important areas of the internet for the past few weeks.  There are some very good reasons for this.

First, law school exams went until 19 December.  Then, I had to clean the entire house for my parents to arrive.  At the same time, there were issues with getting the licence plates for my new car - which postponed my holiday.  And yes, then there was (is) my Christmas holiday.  At present I am visiting my boyfriend in another state, so until I return home after Hogmany I am on holiday.  Don't expect anything from me.

Happy holidays to you and yours!