Returned South Koreans 'entered North Korea via China'

This is yet another case of "escaped" North Koreans returning to North Korea.  Not that long ago, I read an article about a man who was shot by South Koreans trying to swim back to North Korea.  My reaction then and now is, "Why?"  I thought North Korea was a place people did whatever they could to escape, not a place people tried to return to later.

Why is this?  Why would people want to return to North Korea?  Is it - perhaps - that North Korea is not as bad as we in the "free West" believe?  Or is it a psychological factor we have not yet taken into account?  Perhaps it is something else altogether.  Quite frankly, I am baffled.

If anyone has any idea why this is, please tell me.  Honestly, I am very intrigued by this but have not found sufficient information on the matter.

BBC News - Returned South Koreans 'entered North Korea via China':

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