Racing Pigeons Doped

This is not at all related to human rights.  In fact, this is not really all that relevant to a whole lot.  But, it is rather hilarious and today is Thursday, so happy Thursday!

In Belgium, racing pigeons were doped before races.  I kid you not.  Belgium has racing pigeons.  They race pigeons.  According to the BBC, it is a very lucrative sport.  Yea.  Racing pigeons.  I do not know about you, but when I see a flock of pigeons the idea of seeing which one is the fastest does not cross my mind.  But hey, that is just me.

Pigeons race.  Okay, it is a strange sport but why not.  No one gets hurt, like in dog fighting - right?  Well, no.  Apparently, they are being drugged before the races.  Yes, people are giving their pigeons performance-enhancing drugs.  Namely, cocaine and painkillers.

This raises a couple of questions for me.  First, who does that?  Second, what had to happen for someone to realize the pigeons were being doped?

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