Homeless Veterans

There is no purple heart for post-traumatic stress.

Nothing pains me more than seeing homeless veterans.  In the morning I boot up my computer and open my web browser to read the news - BBC, NPR, Twitter, Human Rights Watch.  My day starts with how people are destroying each other around the world.  Yet, nothing upsets me more than homeless veterans.

Veterans are the brave men, women, and other individuals who fought for their country.  Whether or not I support the war or the reasons they fought, I support the individuals.  The way they are treated when they return home is more than disturbing.  They need help - lots of help.  War is traumatic and assistance veterans receive when they return is inadequate.

I would continue on this subject but I have an episode of Bones running in the background and it is one where they are trying to identify the remains of a homeless man.  They discover he actually perished from the injuries he sustained on September 11 when he helped save three lives at the Pentagon.  He was a homeless veteran of the first Iraq war who suffered brain damage from being in a munitions depot that blew up.  His friends died; he was the only survivor.  September 11 always makes me cry, as do soldiers.  And it makes me wonder about the people we as a society overlook.

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