Sudan: Woman at risk of flogging for not wearing headscarf | Blogs | Amnesty International UK

Sudan: Woman at risk of flogging for not wearing headscarf | Blogs | Amnesty International UK:

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I just wanted to bring this to people's attention.  In all seriousness, I cannot understand why women should have to cover their heads because of men.  The human body is something to be accepted and admired, however it is, and not to be covered up because some people think they have the right to dominate others.  No one has the right to control, dominate, or own anyone else.  The only person you are responsible for is yourself.  End of story.

Delhi Gang Rape: Four Sentenced to Death

It is the mark of a strong man to show mercy.

As you may or may not know, on 16 December 2012 a young woman in Delhi was gang-raped and killed.  This brought on a huge way of protests and an international outcry for women's rights in India.

Today, the court sentenced four men to death by hanging for the rape.

Many support the verdict and feel justice is being served.  Given the brutality of the attack and what happened to the poor woman, I can very easily understand what they mean.  After all, she was gang-raped and died.  There are deaths worse than that, but not that many.  The need to find and punish someone for this makes sense on the very human level of being.  Indeed, the victim's family feels justice has been served.

Obviously the death penalty is legal in India or these men would not be sentenced to death.  Given the brutality of the crime, it makes sense the court would push for for the most severe punishment available.  But the question is - does this make us better than the them?  The whole concept of "an eye for an eye" is an old one and the debate over the death penalty is raging on all over the world.  While it makes us feel better to know they suffered a fraction of what they inflicted upon their victims, does it make us better people?  Is that a question one can ask when dealing with the justice system?  My criminal law professor loves to tell us the legal system is all about revenge - and he is correct, it is.  But my question is, are we solving anything by killing these men?  Would it not be better to let them live a long life knowing what they did?  Truly, is taking the life of a convicted murderer the worst punishment we can inflict upon them?  Is it the most appropriate?

Oscar Wilde said to love your enemies - nothing annoys them more.

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