Flamers gonna Flame - but I don't Burn Quietly

A mate of mine posted in the comment section of a newspaper's website expressing her opinion that not all mainstream artists are terrible, and included a link to a youtube video of one particular mainstream singer performing live to support her viewpoint.  The response she received was, put mildly, incredibly rude and demeaning; not only did they fail to address the actual issue but commentators proceeded to respond using such vile language she felt the need to remove her posts - and herself - from the online forum.  Being an advocate of free speech and intellectual discussion, I proceeded to tell her what my response would have been - and here it is below.  Personally, I dislike it when people respond crudely and so inappropriately to people sharing an intellectual opinion, but as the saying goes, "flamers gonna flame".  That, of course, does not mean I have to stay quiet - nor do I.

"No, I am a musical connesoire who has the mental capacity to see past the idiotic limitations of such labels, and who appreciates music for the music itself.  To segregate musicians into two categories - mainstream and independent - based on how they have decided to produce their music (which, by the way, is an incredibly complex and involved issue of its own) is not only discriminatory but also crude and - to use your words - the actions of a "consumerist sheep fucktard."  The music itself, which is what I was admiring, is not impacted or affected by the company that produces the record which one may or may not choose to purchase.  The very fact that you focused solely and so adamantly on the consumer aspect of the entertainment industry does not, in any way, counter my point whatsoever and instead openly reveals the deep level of hypocrisy you appear to be afflicted with as you chose to allow the consumer aspect of the industry to dominate your view of the artistic part.  When you prove yourself mature enough to differentiate between the two, I would be happy to discuss the ARTISTIC aspects with you, but until then, this "sheep fucktard" will continue to appreciate music as music, and for music's sake - like it was meant to be."

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