ADD Medication Shortages

The New York Times published an article about the shortages of ADD medication.

F.D.A. Finds Short Supply of Attention Deficit Drugs

This was my response.

As a university graduate (BA honours and further post-graduate studies abroad) who has has ADD and is at the highest dose my gp will allow, issues with medication have always been frustrating and ridiculously difficult.  While I understand the concerns surrounding the potential dangers of such narcotics and do agree this is a serious issue requiring careful consideration, I cannot say the current approach is working.  In fact, it is down right ludicrous!

My gp is very good about monitoring my medication and we meet every couple of months to ensure both of us are fully updated and understand the situation - even though it has been the same for years.  Getting a prescription for several hundred pills is routine, but only from my gp and no other doctor.

Filling the prescription, however, is never so simple.  In Canada, my pharmacy always has to order them but usually the following day they can have the full amount ready for me.  In Scotland, however, the pharmacy told the doctors they were having a hell of a time getting the proper medication, and even though I was only given a prescription for one month's supply at a time the pharmacy always had troubles filling it.  For a while they were importing the drugs from Switzerland; it was never easy getting the medication even with the diagnosis and years of stable treatment.

It has always been hard getting my medication even with a prescription and diagnosis; now it is damned near impossible for anyone to legally acquire these drugs.  Yes, it keeps people who do not have ADD from getting them at the pharmacy - but what about those of us who do need them and can prove it!  And while legal acquisition is supposedly becoming safer, illegal sales are easier than ever.  Where, may I ask, is the safety in denying people their legitimately prescribed medications?  Moreover, when it does not stop the non-sanctioned usage of the drugs what benefits are there?

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