Je me Souviens

Je me Souviens

Remember the fallen
Remember the brave
Remember the heroes
Who went to the grave
Fighting for freedom
And what they believed
Remember the soldiers
Who died to be free

Remember the fighters
Remember the strong
Remember the survivors
Who suffered so long
Boys off to war
Still not yet men
Who should they be
If they come home again

Remember the willing
Who gave up their lives
Hoping in vain
No more would die
Remember the heroes
The brave ones, the few
Who went off to fight
They knew what to do
Remember the ones

Who stood up so tall
To protect the future
Surrendered their all
Remember the dreams
They all left behind
Survivors in body
But broken in mind

Lest we forget
The people who died
Lest we forget
Those who suffered and cried
Lest we forget
What it all means
Lest we forget
For we are their dreams

Je me souviens
Or is it a lie
They fought for our future
When we sent them to die
Lest we forget
The words of the free
Chanted by children
But what does it mean

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