Travel Abroad and be Executed

Have you ever travelled to a foreign country?  For a lot of people, the answer is yes.  When you do travel, are you always aware of the delicate intricacies of the local laws?  Probably not; usually the basics are the same everywhere and so long as you exercise good judgement and err on the side of caution you should be fine.  Should something go wrong, your embassy is there to help you.  Even in the worst of circumstances, you would not be executed in another country - right?  After all, you are not a citizen, and that is why extradition exists - right?  Ask Syed Zahid Hussain Shah - but make sure it is before 21 September 2011, because after that you will not be able to (at least through conventional means; I make no claims about psychics either way).
Syed Zahid Hussain Shah is a Pakistani national who, in five days, will be executed in China.  Pakistan, China - not the same country.  Perhaps I am over-reacting to this, but I find it appalling that someone can be arrested, imprisoned for years, and then executed in a country they are not a citizen of!  Foreign governments offer no benefits to others; what gives them the right to prosecute and execute then?  If someone breaks the law, by all means, arrest them.  But then talk to their government (embassy) and extradite them.

If a nation refuses to offer the same benefits and social services its nationals have to foreign visitors, then it should not be able to punish them the same way.  Make up your mind - are foreigners to be treated the same or differently?  And be consistent throughout all policies and procedures.

There are five days left in this man's life, and as sad as it is, I am not optimistic that will change.  Even worse, I do not expect a global outcry over this matter either.  China is a very powerful country and most Western nations want to ensure good relations.  Canada, sadly, demonstrated this was more important to the government than human rights when they extradited a Chinese national despite the outcry and public knowledge he would be tortured and likely killed.  So what do I hope will come from this case?  Optimistically, I hope the execution will be halted and he will be sent back go Pakistan to face his own judicial system; I hope the world will not stand by and let this happen, and that world leaders will see the threat they have allowed - and are continuing to encourage - China to become.  Realistically, however, I do not think anything much will happen and this will simply become another human rights violation that goes unchecked because of global politics.  It would be nice if this could at least impact tourism, but I know it will not and even if it did then it would be the people who need help the most who suffer, not the government.  A "sticky wicket" I believe this sort of situation was called in the second Bridgit Jones Diary film.  My personal terms for it are far less decent and therefore will not be shared.  The sentiment I feel ought to be quite clear.

Amnesty International Article

PS - China, could you do this as a birthday present to me?  You have the execution set for the day after and I really would appreciate being able to celebrate it carefree.  Thank you very much!

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