A Live Global Conversation with the UN Secretary-General on Social Media

Looks like it is time for me to start pulling together all my notes, ramblings, and recordings about social media!  Am I excited?  Was the sixteenth president of the United States renowned for being tall?  Was Canada founded by drunk Scots (and some English)?


The sixteenth president of the United States was Abraham Lincoln.  Yes, he was known for being tall.

Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald, was a Scot and a drunk.  He was reputed to have stepped up to the podium for a debate, after his opponent had finished speaking, and vomited everywhere.  His response: "My opponent makes me sick."  Do we [Canadians] hold it against him?  No, not at all.  Our founding fathers were real men, with real flaws and products of their times.  Instead of focusing on the less positive aspects, we prefer to look at the good that they did and argue over the impact their decisions had on the different people of Canada.  Sure, they were drunk Scots, but it was the nineteenth century!  The ones with political power were all from Great Britain, and quite largely Scottish.  Alcoholism was common at the time.  So yes, Canada was founded by drunk Scots.

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