Will Power

I agree, and I too do not like the traditional motivational quotes. Most of mine come from the Navy Seals or the Marines, and are focused on surviving. The only one I have that is remotely related to an end goal is "You can't rage-quit the Middle Ages." It does not tell me I will accomplish my degree; it simply reminds me not to give up just because I am frustrated with it. Society may see not graduating as a failure, but to me it is more important that I did not give up just because I hit an obstacle. Will I overcome that obstacle? I do not know, and truly, that is not the part I care about. It is whether or not I try that matters to me. A major challenge for me is not giving up as soon as things get a bit rough. Sure, there are quotes like "Hang in there!" that address this issue, but they just seem too preachy to me. Instead, I go for ones like "The only easy day was yesterday, and that's because it's over." It may not be the most optimistic, but it is entirely realistic and it motivates me. Life is hard. Some days, remember to breathe is a major accomplishment. Most may find it silly, but yes, some days I do remind myself that breathing is not an involuntary activity like your heart beating, and therefore is worthy of a feeling of accomplishment. Take pride in the little things, for there you will find the most sincere and real feelings.

Cutting Knots: Will Power: "I don't believe in it for a second. Images by Mikrasov Design Or, if I were to believe in it, I would have to think that there are many..."

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