Why Human Rights?

I am a first generation Canadian, and hold dual citizenship from Canada and Poland. My father grew up in Communist post-WWII Poland while my mother was born and raised during the Cultural Revolution in China.  From them both comes a deep appreciation for freedom and human rights, and an understanding of what it was like for them and for people still suffering today.  Although I was born into a safe, happy, and privileged life in the West, my parents made sure I knew how lucky I was and how basic elements of survival are not guaranteed to be available for everyone.  It is because of their teachings that I understand people have to fight for what I have, and that is not easy.  There are personal stories in my family's past that I have never forgotten and that have solidly ingrained in me the value of helping others have a better life.  Human rights should not be a question for anyone, ever.  Sadly, they are, and I want to change that.

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