Nobody’s Listening

Last night I posted about the growing insecurity in Afghanistan (True Casualties).  Today I shared an article about a Somali rape victim with my social networks (Somali Rape Survivor Rebuilds Life) along with the comment “Nobody’s listening.”  This garnered a few responses, all along the lines of “people do not care, but they should.”  Hopefully this has come across as my view as well, but  I cannot let it stop there.


There are people who do listen and who do care, but so many just do not and it pains me to see this happening.  It is not by our words, but by our actions, that we are truly help responsible and accountable.  Saying “I care” or “I want to change things” does not really matter if the effort ends there.  What truly does matter and makes a difference is actually doing something about the issues and about the problems.  Sometimes, it seems, it is those who have the least to give who give the most.  Perhaps it is because they understand human suffering and wish to see it eliminated, or perhaps it is because they hope that someone will do the same for them.  With so much to give, how can I stand back and do nothing?

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