If You want to Establish Presence, First be able to!

Now that Canada’s “mission” in Afghanistan is officially over, the government has decided to focus their efforts on the Arctic.  The new mission is to assert Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic.  Mhmm.


First of all, I think the issue of Arctic sovereignty is just flat out ridiculous.  That aside, Canada trying to use military might to make its position clear is even more ludicrous!  All joking aside, what military might?  The Coast Guard sends a vessel up, but requires a US escort.  Yes, an American ship went with it.  How does that show Canadian sovereignty?


And then there is the issue of pulling out of Afghanistan.  I know a lot of people are glad to have the troops out and many think they never should have gone in the first place.  Me, no.  Canada’s objective was to train the local forces so they could continue to deal with the Taliban.  Did they succeed?  To an extent, yes.  Some progress was made, and some troops were trained.  157 Canadian soldiers died.  and now, in 2011, Canada has officially pulled out.


Leaving the job unfinished.  That is where my point of anger lies.  Perhaps we (as a nation) should not have gone to Afghanistan in the first place, but we did.  Once we agreed to that objective, it became our duty to see it through!


I could continue, but I shall digress and leave it at this point.  Another time I may pick this topic up once more, but all I see is further disappointment arising.

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