If you can walk and talk, I definitely won't eat you"

Most people would say "vegetarian" means you do not eat meat or animals.  Okay, but what does that mean?  Some say "I won't eat anything that has a face," but have you ever tried finding a face on a jellyfish?  I do not eat them even though their expressions are beyond me.  So I thought about it this way - what does it really mean to be an animal?

Perhaps we could say "I won't eat anything with a soul" but depending on your personal religious beliefs that could be anything to nothing.  So that is out.  While we are looking at the religious, I will quickly touch on the next one - anything God created.  Yeah ... no.  If you believe in all that (once again, personal) then you believe God created everything.  And by the way, it was a fair ways into the Old Testament when God gave man permission to eat animals.  So Adam and Eve?  Vegetarians!  By the way ...

Finally, after much debate, I have decided on my definition of what I will eat or consider as acceptable to eat.  If anyone can think of a flaw, please let me know right away!

I will only eat plants and fungi that produce indirectly (as in do not need to "mate" and have no sex of their own, "gender" being a socially-defined concept).

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