I thought I set all of this up yesterday, but since the blog did not exist 5 minutes ago, here's another go at the obligatory intro post.

This is not the only blog I have, so I hope to keep it more specialised and focused on human rights, social welfare, animal rights, and matters of a similar nature.  Essentially, my blogs are set up to mirror my Twitters (assuming that is working the way I want it to) - one is for the serious issues I care about; the other is for the random bits and bobs that flutter through.  If you are ever bored and looking for some quick amusement, check out my other blog.  Random does not even begin to cover my mind sometimes.

So the point of all this is quite simple really - I care.  Sure, the world is doomed and it is entirely humanity's fault, but so what?  As long as I am capable of doing something - anything, really - to help ease the inevitable pain* of another, I want to and hope that I will always try to do so.

*one of my favourite Navy Seals quote is "Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional."  The definitions of "pain" and "suffering" I consider to be very contextual.

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